4th Line Theatre season programme
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4th Line Theatre

Season programme

4th Line Theatre was Big Sky Design’s first client. I’ve been working with them pretty much since both of our inceptions and it’s a relationship that has grown stronger over the years. The growth of 4th Line has been amazing to witness in the 25+ years since Robert Winslow began the theatre company in the barn on his family property south of Millbrook, Ontario.

Over the years thousands of patrons have made their way to The Farm, and one thing they all have in their hand is the season programme they receive as they enter the barnyard theatre. That programme is an important line of communication between 4th Line and its patrons and it will only be as effective as the communication is between Big Sky Design and the 4th Line staff as we work right up to the last minute to put it all together. Year after year, our relationship prospers at the most critical time of their season—Opening Night—and is a reminder how valuable good communication is between designer and client.

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