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Thanks for making a virtual visit to Big Sky Design.

I’m Rob Wilkes and I’d like to welcome you to Big Sky Design. Since 1996 this has been my job, my work, though it often feels more like play, in Peterborough—the place I’ve chosen to call home since arriving here in 1978 to attend Trent University. I’ve always loved design and I feel very lucky to do what I do, where I do it, with the great people in my community.

The focus at Big Sky has always been on the arts and not-for-profits and those individuals and organizations receive a discount on my hourly rate—a demonstration of my support for the work they do. I also work extensively with large and small businesses, government, universities, colleges and hospitals.

Along with creativity and design savvy, I try to bring a sense of calm professionalism to every job. Oh, and I always meet deadlines. Seriously.

Rob Wilkes,
Big Sky Design