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Print design is the main focus at big sky design. My background in print goes back to the days of waxers, typesetting machines and PMT cameras. This knowledge of the art of ink on paper has stood me in good stead as print design has become more and more a digital medium. It may be true that a designer doesn't have to know how print works but, as any print shop will tell you, your job will run more smoothly if they do.

Recent work

Here are some recent print projects from big sky design.

4th Line membership

big sky design has had the pleasure of working with 4th Line Theatre since our inception, not long after their's in 1992. In addition to the annual poster, brochure and program, we also do an annual membership drive-fundraising camapign that has been very successful over recent years. Here is the most recent membership campaign.

catch fishing

2013 saw the re-branding of Catch Fishing and National Fishing Week, an organization big sky design has worked with since it's inception. The new logo and ads are just appearing, along with a new Wordpress-based website, posters and new radio and television spots, the latter from local media man Mike Melnik and Impact Communications.

viewbook 2014


The latest editions of Fleming College's annual Viewbook. A team effort involving big sky design,
Fleming College and some of the area's best photographers.

Trades brochure

Trades and Technology Training brochure for Fleming College. Builds on the design themes of Fleming College's annual Viewbook, also designed at big sky design since 2007. big sky also designed the pop-up display in this series.

4th Line brochure

For 2013, I once again was fortunate to work with photographer Wayne Eardley on 4th Line Theatre's Summer Season brochure. Wayne supplied the evocative B&W image for the cover. I colourized the image in Photoshop for a nostalgic effect. The image is being used for all their marketing material for 2013, including this brochure, the season poster and program, and advertising.

lcf brochure

The Lindsay Concert Foundation has recently re-branded, with the help of big sky design, as Kawartha Concerts and now offers an Ovation Series out of Lindsay and a Bravo Series out of Peterborough. This brochure-booklet highlights the full range of programming.

public energy

I have worked with Public Energy since it was know as Peterborough New Dance. I have found booklets to be a great value-added brochure for arts organizations that still allows them to stay on a reasonable budget. For 2013, Public Energy chose a unique square format. Very eye-catching and easy to throw in a pocket or purse.


The Collective Vision campaign for the Peterborough Regional Health Centre Foundation put a call out to artists for paintings, drawings or original prints to enrich the healing environment of Mental Health Services. Their work appears in both a rotating exhibition and as a permanent installation in the Mental Health Services Department of the Peterborough Regional Health Centre.


The LYNX campaign for the Canadian Mental Health Association is an early intervention program designed to appeal to youth, encouraging them, and their families to recognize the early signs of pschosis - when there is the greatest potential success for treatment programs.


big sky design has produced many fundraising campaigns for not-for-profits in our region, including several for the Ross memorial Hospital Foundation in Lindsay.